Travel Journal

Welcome. . . to a booze cruise around the world

An adventure of a lifetime . . . a booze cruise around the world

My name is André Darlington. I’m always thirsty. In the past few years I’ve written three cocktail books with my sister and writing partner, Tenaya. Now I’m working on my fourth drinks book, due out in spring 2021. This time it’s a solo journey, and I’m voyaging around the world to explore the state of the cocktail. This page is where I’ll be getting under the skin of the world’s great cities and discovering iconic watering holes. It’s here where I’ll record all the bad decisions, and hopefully a few great ones, too. If you like behind-the-scenes grit, research notes, maps and reading material, this is where to come. It won’t be canned, and it won’t be instagram-travel-fantasy. You won’t find tips on being frugal or how to wear zip-apart pants. It’s going to be real talk. The gristly bits and travel lows as well as a record of those rare, fleeting moments of euphoria induced by that first sip of a great cocktail after a day on a hot, dusty bus. And it’s here where I’ll introduce people I meet along the way. Because travel is people, cocktails are people, life is people — and I want to interact with them here in a way that won’t be possible in the book. Above all, I hope what we find along the way will surprise, delight, and inspire us both. Welcome to my booze-soaked travel journal, it’s good to have you along.